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Stoves and Fireplaces

Julie Brownless and Graham Scott

The Stove and Fireplace business that was hidden away upstairs is now part of the main shop front of Matthew Charlton.

The business has developed to become Premier dealers in some of the most popular and sought after wood burning and multifuel stoves, such as AGA, Hunter, Arada, Euroheat, Stovax, Jotul and Charnwood to name just a few.

Wood Burning or Multifuel?
A Multifuel stove has a grate which means it can burn smokeless coal or wood. A dedicated woodburning stove will generally not have a grate because wood burns best on a bed of ash although this is not always true.

Which wood burning stove?
It may be a cosy secondary heating source for the family room? We have a wide selection of small stoves offering a natural flame and excellent efficiency from burning logs. It is best to bring your room dimensions with you so we can help calculate the required kW of heat output for the best comfort preventing over or under heating.

Why heat one room?
A stove with a back boiler can heat a family house running up to 20 radiators.

Cooking Stove?
Don’t just use the stove for heating. Enjoy cooking on a range cooker stove. The Rayburn and Stanley cookers will enhance any kitchen.

Open Fire?
Although not the most efficient or cleanest fire, the romantic draw of an open fire will help you through the winter months. We have a wide range of fireplaces, firebacks, firebricks, grates, companion sets, hods and log baskets.

Ease of use?
Gazco and Burley gas and electric fires will offer the instant heat required to brighten any room.

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